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On top of our purchase packages, we work with either a performance bonus fee  or an auction fee. Which fee is applicable depends on whether there can be negotiated on the asking price.

The performance bonus fee is applicable when negotiations results in a purchase price below the asking price. You will pay a percentage over the negotiated amount. In this case, you, as a buyer, will benefit as well as we do. Therefore, it is a win – win situation.

In the current market it’s common that there are more potential buyers for one property. In this case the client will have to pay the asking price or a price that is above the asking price. The auction fee is then applicable.

We will use our long time experience, knowledge and contacts to create the best chance buying your desired property. We are happy to explain both fees to you in a personal conversation.

Rates are applicable per 1st of July 2018 and are all excluding 21% VAT.

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