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Purchase Packages


You decide, as a client, how much money you wish to spend on our services. We offer 3 purchase packages.

If you are with Dutch nationality, are experienced in purchasing real estate in The Netherlands and if you do not need a mortgage to finance your purchase, the Basic Package is an option. Based upon your requirements we will search for houses or apartments, visit them, investigate all important documents, advise you about the value and the negotiation strategy, negotiate on your behalf as well as arranging – and explaining the purchase contract.

The preferred package of our clients is the Extended Package. This package offers complete guidance throughout the whole process. It contains extra services such as arranging a structural survey and arranging an evaluation* within the 3-day-cooling-off period, as well as close contact with your mortgage advisor and notary to ensure the entire process is going smoothly. We will inspect the property on the day of transfer, to see if the house is delivered exactly as you bought it at the time. If any issues arise we will solve them for you. Thereafter we will join you at the notary, guide you and will be present to ensure a proper transfer of your new house.

The Total Package contains extra service for clients that want guidance with regard to renovation. We can offer our guidance prior to the actual renovation, for a maximum of 4 hours, with the assistance of our reliable contact network.

Basic Package

  • Introduction meeting
  • Search for right property
  • Arrange- and accompany viewings
  • Investigation of the property and the surrounding area
  • Advice on investment value
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Go over the purchase contract and other documents before signing

€ 2.695,- (Excluding 21% VAT and fee)

Extended Package

On top of the services of the Basic Packages we offer:

  • Arrange valuation within 3-day-cooling-off period*
  • Arrange structural survey within 3-day-cooling-off period*
  • Contact with the notary
  • Contact with the financial advisor
  • Inspection of the house on the date of transfer
  • Accompany you during the transfer of the deeds at the notary

€ 2.895,- (excluding 21% VAT and fee)

Total Package

On top of the services of the Basic- and Extended Package we offer:

  • Guidance in the process prior to the actual renovation of your new house (max. 4 hours) incl. quote assessment, contact with reliable builders out of our own network and contact with lending institution and valuator for the submission of a mortgage application with regard of to the renovation

€ 3.195,- (excluding 21% VAT and fee)

On top of our purchase packages, we work with a performance bonus fee or an auction fee, depending on that specific case. For more information with regard to these fees, please read under pages Performance bonus fee or Auction fee.

On top of our packages it would be possible to require services on an hourly rate. 

* The costs of the valuation and structural survey are not included in the package price and are to be paid directly to the valuation company and to the structural surveyor

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