‘Frankly speaking, I would very much appreciate a service like this in my own country.’

Property Management

There is a lot going on when letting your house or apartment. A reliable tenant is important but during the rental period you also want to keep your tenant satisfied.

Having a happy tenant usually means no worries for you as a landlord; timely payments of the rent and a good- and neat habitation of your property. That is why, more and more, we experience the demand of a professional property manager that can give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your property is well taken care of, keeping it’s value.

Peace of Mind Package

  • Processing of requests and complaints of the tenant
  • Processing monthly rent payments and follow up with late payments
  • Arrange for repairs- and maintenance to be carried out
  • Contacting association of owners (vve) with regard to maintenance and repairs
  • We can also offer you reliable contractors and handymans from within our network

Monthly property management fee on request.

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