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When you are coming to the Netherlands and are looking for a nice home in an even nicer area to live, you probably do not speak the language and do not know where to go and/or what to look for; close to your company or close to the school of your children, are there any shops and/or nice restaurants in the near area’s, do you want to have your coffee and newspaper in a nice spot in the centre and meet other people or do you prefer a childfriendly area close to schools and sportclubs. Or, are you a watersports enthusiast and do you want to live close to the beach? You will have a lot more questions where you do not have the answers. We can answer ALL your questions and make sure the right place is there for you and or/your family.

We are highly motivated to make you happy and will do everything possible to make you feel welcome! Therefore we will offer you the “Welcome to the Netherlands Package”, to make you feel at home far away from home. We will show you around in the area’s you might like, give you tips and tricks on all subjects, and will be your guide along the whole process. From the first visit until you get the key of your new home, we will be there to guide you without worries.

When you have to leave the Netherlands for a business opportunity or your family is “growing” but you still want to keep your current house as an investment, we offer you the “Forever Dutch Package”. Many clients that bought their home with us in the past found their way back to our office. We know you and we also know what your current home means to you. That is why we are personally involved in finding you a reliable tenant and give you your peace of mind.
Because of our large (International) network we have the possibility to choose a tenant that is worthy living in your precious home.

A reliable tenant is important but during the rental period you also want to keep your tenant satisfied. Having a happy tenant usually means no worries for you as a landlord; timely payments of the rent and a good- and neat habitation of your property. That is why, more and more, we experience the demand of a professional property manager that can give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your property is well taken care of and keeping it’s value. That is why we also can offer you the “Peace of mind Package” if you want us to do the property management of your house or apartment.

Please find all packages here below and call us for free introduction. We are looking forwards to welcoming you at our office!

Welcome to the Netherlands Package

  • Free introduction meeting at our office
  • Show you around in areas that would meet your requirements and wishes
  • Search for your home away from home
  • Arrange - and accompany viewings
  • Negotiate on your behalf and secure your wishes in a contract
  • Check the rental contract being watertight with regard to content and possible legal issues
  • Setting up utilities
  • Arranging the inspection of the house with proper condition report
  • Hand-over of the keys

Partly furnished property one months’ rent (excluding vat) with a minimum of € 1.500,- (excluding vat).

Forever Dutch Package

  • Free introduction meeting at your house
  • Help you prepare the house for the best possible result
  • Place your house on social media, funda and pararius
  • Finding and screening of potential tenants
  • Negotiation on your behalf
  • Drafting a watertight rental contract
  • Arranging the inspection of the house with proper condition report
  • Hand-over of the keys

Partly furnished property one months’ rent (excluding vat) with a minimum of € 1.500,- (excluding vat).

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