‘Lindy made it all come together seamlessly, always willing to go the extra mile and she really knows her stuff.’


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Lindy was extremely knowledgeable and professional

5,0 rating
juli 9, 2018

“We engaged Lindy when we first arrived in Den Haag on the recommendation of some colleagues at Shell, to help with our first house purchase. As newcomers to the country and market, it was an immense relief to have a local expert to ‘coach’ us through the process, and also deal with all the complexities and nuances of the market. Lindy was extremely knowledgeable and professional, always available to deal with our queries, and also has her own strong network of associated professionals which we benefited from. Given the scale and importance of a property investment, her rates are extremely reasonable and we can unreservedly recommend Lindy for any potential home buyers in The Netherlands – particularly those arriving (or returning) from overseas.”

R. Miller – Commercial Manager at Shell


5,0 rating
juli 6, 2018

“We’re very happy with the way Lindy helped is buying our first and second house : ) She listened to our wishes and is very reactive. She gave us clear advice as to which house was a good possible investment, or not. She handled all the negotiations and took care of the paperwork. On top of being a very knowledgeable and professional estate agent, she’s a very nice and lovely person. Overall we’re very happy and couldn’t recommend her more.”

M. Faivre – HR Specialist at Johnson&Johnson

Lindy is excellent

5,0 rating
juni 18, 2018

“Lindy is an excellent professional. Without her, I would not get my home in NL in such a good deal. I strongly recommend her.”

A. Campos – Health, Safety, Security and Environment Lead at Shell

We would recommend Lindy

5,0 rating
februari 8, 2018

“Lindy Nikken was recommended to us when we had to move out of our rental property in The Hague and we decided to purchase. With limited knowledge of the Dutch language and the local protocols we needed an agent who could guide us through the search process and eventually take us through to purchase completion. Lindy spent a lot of time with us mapping out our property requirements and then approached us over a period of weeks with numerous potential options. When we also came up with our own possibilities Lindy was particularly good and objective in challenging our choices and steering us away from properties which might have seemed attractive at face value but which were, in her experience, not suitable for us.
When we eventually landed a property that we wished to buy, Lindy was quick to act and managed the bidding process with great dexterity. She successfully guided us with our bid and we secured the property we wanted. Lindy advised us on all steps and stages of the mortgage and intervened on our behalf when administration with the bank seemed to be going off course. And Lindy was there right up to the day we signed the contract, supporting us and taking away the stresses of purchasing in a foreign country for us.
And even today, seven months after we moved into the property, when I needed help with some Gemeente (Town Hall) bureaucracy, Lindy was happy to help us in completing the task. This underlines Lindy’s customer focus and care for her clients. We would recommend Lindy to any of our colleagues and friends who wanted to appoint a real estate agent here in The Hague. A big thanks.”

G. Zocco and P. Elphee – Shell

She listened carefully

5,0 rating
februari 7, 2018

“Finding the perfect home is never easy – especially in The Hague! With superb knowledge of the market and an impressive network, Lindy has helped us navigate the Dutch real estate market every step of the way. She has listened carefully to our wishes and preferences and was quick to identify a variety of great options for us. Within a few weeks Lindy found the place we have long been looking for and what we could soon call ours – with her strategic advice and effective negotiation style. Her professionalism and client-oriented work style assured us from the beginning that we are in the best hands. As a bonus, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. We could not have been more satisfied with her services and would highly recommend Lindy Nikken Real Estate.”

K. Dobias – gender & Inclusion – Constitution Building, International IDEA

I have no hesitation in recommending Lindy

5,0 rating
januari 17, 2017

“I have no hesitation in recommending Lindy. She is the consummate professional, confident, costumer savvy, service oriented and dependable. Lindy helped us navigate the world of property purchase in the Netherlands and negotiate the best deal. Lindy has vast experience and an eye for detail which is what you really want when making such an important transaction.”

S.K. Rainford – Global Business Development Coordinator at SNV

Lindt has without doubt great technical expertise

5,0 rating
november 21, 2016

“We are a British/German couple living in The Hague, and have used Lindy’s services very happily twice, so far: for buying our first place here in 2008, and now in 2016 for buying our second home. Lindt has without doubt great technical expertise, and beyond that, what makes her services just the tiny (but determining!) bit more superior is her reliability, speed of reaction and a customer focussedness and service which I last experienced only in America.
At one point we could not, due to travel, visit a house ourselves, and had several calls with Lindy while she visited it – and we would have gladly put in an offer “blindly” purely based on Lindy’s advice, that much we trusted her insight and attention to all the technical detail which, even if present, we might not have noticed. In the end we did not need to do that because Lindy’s persistence and good connections made it possible for us to visit the house exceptionally much later than the sellers had first planned.
We do like Lindy’s focus on the investment aspect of the purchase and found she advised us very well – and realistically – on this. She also has access to a reliable network of trustworthy suppliers, so that the whole process from offer-acceptance over technical survey to final conveyance at the notary went very quickly and smoothly as well, we were very impressed by that!
We would very happily recommend Lindy to any expat considering buying a home in The Netherlands, and are available to answer questions from potential clients who consider contracting Lindy.”

K. Barnes – IT Release manager at European Patent Office

Great to work with

5,0 rating
mei 9, 2012

“Lindy was great to work with. She remained focused on our requirements throughout and added valuable expertise.”

C. Kelly – General Manager, Operational & Commercial Excellence, CP Operations at Shell

Very experienced

5,0 rating
april 16, 2012

“Lindy is a very experienced real estate agent who knows well about the market situation in The Hague area. Together we managed to find a house within a quite reasonable time. She was a great support in our whole removal including many other things which had to be done.”

E. Kovacs – Patent examiner at European Patent Office

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