‘Lindy made it all come together seamlessly, always willing to go the extra mile and she really knows her stuff.’


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Success at last (purchased a house in 2020)!

5,0 rating
januari 6, 2021

Thanks to Lindy and Malou, we managed to purchase the house we were looking for in Leiden for our son. Despite COVID restrictions and a surprisingly hot market, we still found exactly what we were looking for, at an attractive price, and even managed to complete the transfer prior to the end of 2020! We couldn’t have done it without both ladies’ indefatigable enthusiasm, persistence and above all knowledge and professionalism.

Jeroen van Dillewijn

Excellent & Professional Service

5,0 rating
januari 4, 2021

Lindy was my real state agent for buying our house in the Hague, she is very professional and with solid experience which was demonstrated since the first minute we had our call with her and all the way until we get the house.
I strongly recommend her because you will be avoiding a lot of hassles and unneeded risks in the buying process.
Professionalism was reflected in different aspects from speed, accuracy, transparency and efficiency
In Summary: TRUSTWORTHY & Professional real estate agent
Thanks Lindy.

E Elokda


5,0 rating
december 4, 2020

I can’t speak highly enough of Lindy as our real estate agent. Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty, integrity and hard work ethics are very much appreciated and respected. Highly recommend.

Teodora and Marios


5,0 rating
december 2, 2020

I’m being told that buying a house was an stressful exercise, with Lindy and her team, this remark was so not true. They took care of everything, walking me through the process clearly and keeping me informed of every step. All in all a “smooth sailing” experience. Highly recommended

P. Ferrer

Hannah was the most wonderful person to work with! We are so impressed with this company!

5,0 rating
november 30, 2020

My husband and I were still in the USA when we reached out to Lindy Nikken Real Estate company, along with other companies in The Hague. While all companies replied, Hannah from Lindy Nikken was the only one suggesting a call and we took that as a great customer service sign.
In the first conversation, Hannah was kind, informative and positive! We started talking at the market together and found a property we loved within a week or two. As we were still in the USA, Hannah did all the walk through’s for us, talked to the renter on our behalf and was very efficient! We had the place, contract and she picked up our keys to meet us in our new home within a month or so! Having her help was essential for us and we could not have made this move without her expertise, help and diligence!
Upon arrival in the Netherlands, Hannah met us with flowers and a great welcome in our new apartment!
We recommend this company and Hannah’s assistance to any newcomer. She looked out for us in the properties search, contract and provided all the help we needed from beginning to end!

Diana & Kenny Brown

5 star property management services

5,0 rating
november 9, 2020

Years ago Lindy Nikken Real Estate helped me purchasing an apartment in The Hague. Last year and around the same time Lindy reached out to her contacts informing of the newly provided rental and property management services, I had the opportunity to go and work abroad and I didn’t hesitate in reaching out to her. I definitely did not regret: her team did a great job ensuring my property was well looked after!

Ines Galvao

Great customer service & expertise

5,0 rating
oktober 22, 2020

We had a very good experience working with Lindy and Malou to find our house this year. In a time of high uncertainty and unpredictable market and with a busy family life, Lindy’s expertise, guidance and prompt service helped us find our home in just a few months. Very efficient and great communication along the way, understanding and paying attention to our requirements. Made everything easy for us as clients. Highly recommend Lindy’s services.


Great proactive service

5,0 rating
oktober 20, 2020

Lindy really helped us to find our new house, and indeed she did it twice. She found a temporary solution for us, while we were looking for the right house to buy, and she manage to be successful in the negotiation with the real estate agent that was selling our house.
She and her team helped us also in finding a mortgage consultant that facilitated a lot the dossier with the bank. And she made us save money with the notary as well! So we really recommend their services if you are looking for a house in The Hague area.

Roberto Balbi

Good experience!

5,0 rating
oktober 19, 2020

If you’re planning to rent out your home, Hannah and Lindy are the right people for you.
They really interact, share ideas and give valuable advice to make your home attractive. A good experience with enthusiastic and very friendly people, from whom you always can expect a quick response.

Catharina Ockeloen

I shifted to Netherland in January 2020 and after some time I want to purchase my own house. Luckily I have Found Lindy contact . Lindy was very quick and help me to find my dream house in two month. I really appreciate Lindy work.

5,0 rating
oktober 18, 2020

Lindy services are amazing. Lindy is very quick . I would recommend Lindy to everyone who are new in Netherland and wants their own house


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