‘Lindy made it all come together seamlessly, always willing to go the extra mile and she really knows her stuff.’


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Fantastic Real Estate Agency with Highly Competent and Friendly Service

5,0 rating
juli 8, 2020

Lindy was my real estate agent to buy my apartment in The Hague and to rent it out. Every time I have been dealing with her or any of her lovely team members, they absolutely exceeded expectations. Lindy knows exactly what you want, what you need and how to get it. In case it is not straightforward, she will go the extra mile and present a proposal that you probably did not think was even possible. She will also make sure that all your interests are covered at any time and that you get the best personal outcome. Her team members also do an absolutely fantastic job. They are always on time, always friendly and will get everything done for you to the highest possible standard. I can only recommend Lindy and her team for anyone wanting to buy/ rent/ sell a property. They are truly the best in their business and always carry their client’s needs at the front of their mind.

Alina Frankenberger

very attentive and always quick help

5,0 rating
juni 27, 2020

Lindy is great. She offers you help where needed, is open to all questions and always provides a suitable solution. Even when I am abroad for work, Lindy ensures that everything goes well and that I don’t have to worry about anything.

Joost van aken

Exceeds Expectation! Lindy is Capable and Willing to Help

5,0 rating
juni 23, 2020

Lindy is always ahead and stay on top of things. From the beginning of house searching/ viewing till after moving in, she is in complete control of every situation. She knew exactly what I was looking for and even made a viewing appointment before I requested her. Her strong network and extensive knowledge in real estate market gives me confidence, making the whole house buying process a lot more smoother. She and her team did their utmost in attending to my requests. They acted promptly and with a trained eye they have all the details on both contract and infrastructure covered. Lindy is always available to support. She thinks on my behalf of my interest and I know I can count on her. Most importantly, Lindy is a very nice and lovely person. Its been a very positive experience engaging her service. Overall, I am very impressed with Lindy’s professional help, one of the best encounter here in The Netherlands. A big thank you to you and your team!

Yen Chin - Rotating Equipment Engineer at Worley Nederlands

Outstanding service, Enthusiastic Team and Fantastic experience

5,0 rating
juni 22, 2020

One word that summarizes very well the service provided by Lindy: She delivers !
In this challenging COVID 19 period, all the process from the house hunt and bidding to financial advisory and purchase was a plain sailing and made very enjoyable thanks to Lindy positive energy, professionalism and strong network of partners.
We found our dream house next to the beach and would definitely recommend the service 🙂

Yasmine and Malik Chitour (Doctor / Line of Business Director, Hyva Holding)

Great and professional help

5,0 rating
juni 11, 2020

“I strongly recommend Lindy and her services. Not only has she the knowledge and experience in the market, Lindy is also an utmost professional, motivating and friendly person.

Lindy had shown a lot of commitment and patience with helping me to find a fitting apartment. And after quite a long search and heavy house hunt, she managed to secure an apartment that was exactly what I was looking for, to the very small detail. It most certainly was not an easy task in the current real estate market. Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of working with Lindy for me was that she acted as a partner and took care of everything for me. Both Lindy and Malou were very proactive in search for a property and in organising viewings, as well as being supportive. They remained positive and friendly throughout the entire process, while providing an honest advise.

It was lovely to work with Lindy, and I can definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a true partner to help them find a great home. Lindy certainly can!”

P. Wozniak - Account Manager at Mitsui Rail Capital Europe

She and her team took care of all the details and provided solid advice in the bidding process despite being in the middle of the Corona crisis.

5,0 rating
juni 7, 2020

When we started looking for an Apartment in the The Hague area, someone advised us to use a Buying Agent and suggested Lindy. She and her team turned out to be a real find, dedicated, switched on at all times and someone who doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes down to it, (on top of that we found that we actually shared several friends showing what a Small World it really is ) . She and her team took care of all the details and provided solid advice in the bidding process despite being in the middle of the Corona crisis. Thanks to her we now have the keys for a really nice appartement in Voorburg. So if you are looking for a place in or around The Hague, Lindy Nikken Real Estate is the team to go for.

Albert and Ditty Torie

Great team and fantastic people!

5,0 rating
juni 5, 2020

Great team and fantastic people! Buying or renting – Lindy Nikken Real Estate is the place to go

Vikram Saini

The go-to agent/broker for purchase and renting out any property

5,0 rating
juni 2, 2020

We have been making use of the services of Lindy Nikken Real Estate since 2013 and the passion and professionalism of Lindy and her team has been of great support. With her help we have been able to smoothly purchase 2 apartments in the Hague and also set-up a rental contract for renting out 1 apartment.
The pro-activeness and autonomy shown during these 3 occasions relieved us of a lot of stress and hassle. They are able to tailor their support specific to the situation and have a wide range of contacts available allowing multiple opportunities to show up in guiding you through a purchase. We highly recommend their services to anyone buying a property or planning to rent out their property.

Alexander Irwin & Aigerim Azhenova

Partneship for 14 years

5,0 rating
mei 25, 2020

We first met Lindy in 2006, when she helped us relocate from Leiden to Wassenaar, selling and buying at the same time. We were impressed by her professionalism and effectiveness. So it was only natural to ask her in 2018 to help us relocate from Wassenaar to The Hague. We discussed with her our ideas about an apartment in the city centre. She had such an immediate and complete understanding of our requirements, that the first apartment she found for us was the perfect fit. 20 minutes after visiting the apartment, we decided to buy.
What we particularly value is her deep knowledge of the market, her solid and effective advice, and her human approach. Under her reliable guidance we were able to go through all these changes with no stress at all.

Lamprini (psychologist), Yannis (intellectual property consultant and trainer)

invaluable advice and help

5,0 rating
mei 18, 2020

Lindy and Malou have been instrumental in helping me find and acquire the property that I wanted. Their invaluable advice and help ensured that the process of buying an apartment was not stressful. I did not have to worry about the whole selection to purchase phase. They were also very quick is responding to my queries and concerns whenever I had doubts and issues related to the apartment. I am so glad that I chose LindyNikken real estate. My thanks to Lindy and Malou.

Zwenie Aso

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