‘We really appreciate the experience and needless to say it was a significant chapter of our life. We recommend Lindy Nikken Real Estate to anyone!’


invaluable advice and help

mei 18, 2020

Lindy and Malou have been instrumental in helping me find and acquire the property that I wanted. Their invaluable advice and help ensured that the process of buying an apartment was not stressful. I did not have to worry about the whole selection to purchase phase. They were also very quick is responding to my queries and concerns whenever I had doubts and issues related to the apartment. I am so glad that I chose LindyNikken real estate. My thanks to Lindy and Malou.

Zwenie Aso

Lindy has been very reactive and gave us great advice

mei 15, 2020

We really appreciated her professionalism and hard work.

Lindy understood our needs. She is always available and helped us found our house and closed the deal quickly.

Will definitely give her contact to people looking for a place to buy

Yves Pouliquen

Lindy is an excellent professional

oktober 22, 2019

“Lindy is an excellent professional that delivers in a sensible quick amount of time true value to her customers, via personalized client advice and efficient representation in front of other sellers from The Hague housing market. More than 2 years ago, my wife and I bought a property in the center of the city and we do not regret any moment from then onwards the choice we made. Actually, every day that passes confirms we made a good decision, as marker keeps going up for both rents and purchase. Lindy was pivotal in this success and for us as expats, the fact we had her on our side represented a determinant advantage on a very aggressive, crowded, hard to read and with fairly high barriers of entry Dutch housing market. We recommend Lindy especially to other expats looking for houses!”

A. Pavel – Digital Payments Product Manager at Royal Dutch Shell


juni 20, 2019

“It is my greatest pleasure to recommend Lindy. We made use of her services when we arrived in the Netherlands and wanted to buy a property before arrival. I have the pleasure to say that she took all the stress out of the situation by being responsive, knowledgeable and demonstrating great competence. Lindy truly worked for us as buyer. She does not have a conflict of interest as she never acts as a seller agent. Also she is completely across all the particularities that apply to an expat wanting to secure a property. We really felt we could completely trust her and rely on her. We could not have bought our property without her help.”

K. Wormnes – Automation and Robotics System Engineer at ESA/ESTEC

Secure a true dream house

maart 21, 2019

“Lindy helped us secure a true dream house after a very long house hunt. Not only did she respect our wishes and show us seemingly endless patience, she was at all times wonderful to work with, friendly and courteous, and a turned out to be a cunning sharp negotiator when the time came to secure the deal. We highly recommend Lindy and her services without reservation.”

P. Dygeus

Highly recommend her for anybody

januari 28, 2019

“Imagine you are an Expat in the Netherlands and you want to buy a house, of course it makes sense as the Netherlands are a strong economy and a real international business hub with great infrastructure. But, of course nothing comes as easy as it looks and there are a lots of written and unwritten rules and even worse, all the paperwork is in Dutch! Even for Dutch natives, buying a house can be complicated, first you have to find a good object, which already turns out to be rather difficult, as all nice houses seem to be immediately sold, once they are published online, but then, once you finally found a place, you will have to cope with the bidding system and lots of other things to think of, the quality check, the mortgage, the notary…. If you are looking for someone who is experienced in all this, who speaks Dutch and English, and has many years of experience in guiding Expats through the process of buying a house or a flat in the Netherlands you just found this guide. Lindy Nikken Real Estate helped me and her expertise and network were absolutely valuable. I can highly recommend her for anybody, who is thinking of buying property in the Netherlands.”

J. Op Gen Oorth – Spokesperson at Europol

Professional attitude and attention to my needs

december 10, 2018

“As a foreigner completely uniformed about the real estate market in The Hague, I was very insecure about the house hunting process. Lindy’s professional attitude and attention to my needs crushed all insecurities I had. She and her team were always available to explain every question I had, regardless of how complex or trivial they were.

She was very precise in the choice of properties to show me. All of them matched my lifestyle extremely well. Once I chose the property I wanted, Lindy was quick to make the offer and to negotiate the adjustments I required. Also, her thorough review of the documents made me confident I could finalize the deal. After signature, her ongoing support was crucial to me having a smooth move to my new place. Having someone like her guide you through this process is priceless!”

J. Taddei – Corporate Legal Counsel at Petrobas Netherlands

Lindy made it all come together seamlessly

december 9, 2018

“I got to know Lindy recently when she helped me to buy a house in The Hague. For what is usually a daunting task in this very difficult market, and on top of that for someone who’s not familiar with the Dutch process, lindy made it all come together seamlessly, including the mortgage side of things. She was always happy to go the extra mile, answering all my questions, and most importantly, she really knows her stuff. We ended up getting a place under the asking price, which is unheard of in the current market! I can highly recommend Lindy’s services.”

J. Grobler – Principal Technical Expert for Land & Resettlement, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Peoples at Shell

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